Speakers and Facilitators

Design Thinkers of RTP has the opportunity to share the experience and knowledge of experienced facilitators.  We are so grateful for these group of people that have inspired our community in different ways and are committed to create an impact in the world.  Thank you!

Sara Sosnowski
UI UX Designer Cisco Systems
Bradley Sosnowski
Front End Developer
NC State University
Caroline Stroud
User Journey Manager Cisco Security
Lee Duncan IBM Design Sprints Lead
Jody Bradley
Jonnathan Opps Partner at New Kind
Robert Stroke
Dallas Design Sprints
Dan Levy
A Space for Light
Eric Gorman
Willy Design Sprints
Bobby Hughes
Jeffery Storm
Creative Director
Susannah Childers Founder of Ahha!
Pavel Azaletskiy Founder of SVDT.club
Eugene Shenderov
Game Design / Storyteller
Valeria Kanziuba
Business Designer
Cisco Security
Sandy Lam
"The Sandy Lam"
Elena Ozhidikhina SVDT.club
Dr. Rhianna C. Rogers
Lindsay Eathough Manager Mural
Marc Congiusta UX Design Manager Amazon
Sara Santos
Customer Experience Manager at Cisco Systems

Would you like to apply
to facilitate a session?

At Design Thinkers of RTP we are open to invite international and local guest speakers to inspire our community. 

We also have a safe environment if you would like to practice facilitation.   To apply fill out this form.